asbestos air test

Some kinds of asbestos may become easily friable when is disturbed, thus may release its fibres into the air. That is when asbestos is truly hazardous and poses a grave threat to one’s health. To prevent any further consequences, the risk of exposure to asbestos should be minimised and it is possible via professional air testing which is offered by certified contractors like Blue A Ltd, which is a reliable and specialised in asbestos removal, surveying and testing consultant in UK.

How is asbestos air test done?

It is important to make sure that your dwelling is safe for you, your family and neighbours, thus it is better to have an air test run in your place. Blue A Ltd conducts proficient air test which diagnoses the air for presence of asbestos airborne fibres by using a filter to examine a certain quantity of the air in given time. The sample is observed under the microscope, the respirable fibres of asbestos are then calculated using specialised equipment, which allows experts to examine if there are asbestos fibres floating in the air in a given place.

Why is it crucial to have one’s place tested by specialists?

Firstly, because fibres of asbestos are, obviously, not visible with a naked eye and a specialised equipment is necessary to perform an air test. Secondly, because there are certain circumstances in which different air tests should be conducted in order to be thorough enough, therefore a vast knowledge from that field is compulsory in order to choose which test should be carried out.  For instance, background tests are carried out prior to any asbestos surveys and tests, but there should also be air tests run after finished asbestos removal or disposal works (especially these done by non-professionals) to  indentify the possibility of contamination of the air and potential exposure to asbestos, or to deem the place safe and asbestos removal works efficient.

Hiring a professional asbestos contractor

Blue A Ltd is a certified expert in the field of dealing with asbestos – it is a fully CHAS accredited asbestos contactor and the member of British Occupational Hygiene Society and Asbestos Removal Contractor Association, as well as Construction Line Approved Contractor, with its own asbestos testing laboratory, which is certified by UKAS. Hence, if you are looking for a qualified contractor with affordable prices for their services, Blue A Ltd is a company that will solve the issue of asbestos in your dwelling efficiently and safely.

Our asbestos services

  • Air testing
  • Sampling
  • Testing
  • Surveying
  • Waste disposal
  • Removal

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